Shawn Herring
Shawn Herring
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Shawn has been a part of the design engineering community for roughly 14 years in all aspects of design, construction and software implementations.  He has implemented and trained companies across the Country on Civil 3D and other infrastructure tools and their best practice workflows including many reality capture workflows. Shawn can be reached for comments or questions at

Build better infrastructure – the new features in Civil 3D 2021

Another release of Civil 3D just became available, just as you probably finished installing the latest 2020 “fix.”   That was somewhat sarcastic, but I do some see much needed improvements to Autodesk Civil 3D 2021 and all other 2021 products. …

The pros and cons of LiDAR for capturing existing conditions

When it comes to capturing existing conditions, the first question in everyone’s mind seems to be “to scan or not to scan?” With all the technologies out there, the next question is usually “which tool is best for the job?”…

Express yourself using expressions in Civil 3D

Expressions in Autodesk Civil 3D have been around since the beginning of time……Civil 3D time!  However, I don’t think people utilize expressions to their full capabilities, or even at all.  I’ve heard of some pretty cool ways people are using…