Kevin Tierney
Kevin Tierney
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Kevin Tierney is a writer for GovDesignHub and several other websites focused on advanced manufacturing, design technology, cybersecurity, and a variety of topics related to defense. Kevin brings to the team his unique perspective and his passion for understanding the next big thing in design technology.

Virtual twin – creating something from nothing for the U.S. Air Force

Advanced manufacturing and design present many unique solutions to existing issues. Whether it is through the creation of items formerly too cost-prohibited to be viable, or as a new way to visualize a design, this technology and its impact on…

Award-winning BIM implementation powers the design of the City Rail Link – New Zealand’s most ambitious infrastructure project

Creating a tunnel that connects the largest metropolis in New Zealand is no easy task. The logistics alone require an incredible amount of forethought and planning, and many would shy away from such a commitment. However, Link Alliance, an international…