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Alex Goin is a Staff Writer for the GovDesignHub, alongside a steadily growing list of other online trade publications focused on communications solutions, government technology, and cybersecurity. When she's not writing, she spends her free time educating thousands on lizard care, hanging out with her five lizards, animating, and going to EDM festivals.

Overcoming the Environment – How Craitor is Enabling 3D Printing at the Tactical Edge

In our last article on the GovDesignHub, we sat down with Eric Shnell, the CEO and Founder of Craitor, a company that’s working collaboratively with the U.S. Marine Corps to develop a 3D printer that can function at the very…

How 3D Printing Can Assist the Warfighter in the Field—Craitor Explains

Military vehicles and weapons systems operate in harsh, austere environments that constantly punish parts and create the need for maintenance and repair. Unfortunately, a weapon system or military vehicle in need of repair is one that can’t benefit the warfighter…