Alex Alvarez
Alex Alvarez
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A graduate from California State University, Fullerton, Alex Alvarez earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in manufacturing. During his time there he worked on projects that involved manual and CNC manufacturing processes. Using this experience, he has been working at KETIV Technologies for over 2 years, first developing training and adoption strategies for HSM users with a focus in manufacturing and now providing consulting and engineering services for the Automotive and Commercial Machinery Industries.

New in Inventor 2021 – Drawing Sheet Formats

Autodesk’s most recent 2021 release of Inventor came equipped with a few noteworthy features – if you would like to read a comprehensive blog of what’s new, click here. For today’s topic, however, we will be focusing on one specific…

Fabricate better: the new features in PowerMill 2021

This article was contributed by  Alex Alvarez of KETIV Technologies. Autodesk’s flagship CAM software, PowerMill just keeps getting better and better. Ever since the acquisition of Delcam, Autodesk has made it their mission to not only focus on core user…

Can generative design and additive manufacturing power interplanetary travel?

Interplanetary travel is among the most talked about topics in the scientific and space communities. In fact, the Trump administration has tasked NASA with both going back to the Moon, and exploring deep space – including missions to Mars and…