America is known across the globe for a number of things. But one thing the country has a long and proud tradition of is making things. What things? Big things, impressive things, beautiful things, innovative things…if you can think of something, America has made it.

The Hoover Dam. The automobile. The Hollywood blockbuster. The desktop computer. These things were designed and built right here, in America. And we’re not done building. Not by a long shot. Especially our federal, state and local and municipal government and military – which are poised to kick off a new golden age of American invention and development.

America is a nation of dreamers, inventors, creators, designers and builders. And in the 21st century, those individuals all rely on technology to empower them and help them do their jobs. Some of these technologies empowering Americans to create and build are CAD and BIM software solutions – digital design tools that help creators, designers, architects, public works professionals and many others to bring their creations to life and make their visions a reality.

We launched the GovDesignHub to celebrate the different ways that these CAD and BIM solutions are powering innovation, creation and design across the government. This publication will look at the ways that CAD and BIM digital design solutions are making dreams into realities and bringing concepts to life.

In this publication, we’ll highlight different use cases for digital design software solutions across the government. We’ll profile exceptional and innovative ways government organizations and individuals are using these solutions to make a difference. And we’ll share best practices for getting the most out of investments in digital design technologies.

But we can’t do it without you, our readers. We encourage you to comment on our articles, and share our content with others in the community. Let’s make this a forum where best practices, exciting use cases and lessons learned can be shared and discussed. Together, we’ll give overdue credit to those that are helping to make America MAKE again.