Lynn Allen
Lynn Allen
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In her career as Technology Evangelist, Lynn Allen has spoken to more than a half million design professionals in over 50 countries throughout the world. Her online reach over the years easily reaches in the millions. An early CAD entrepreneur, Lynn taught AutoCAD at the corporate and collegiate level for 10 years before joining Autodesk. A popular columnist for Cadalyst magazine for over two decades, she is the face behind hundreds of software videos including the series “Tips and Tricks with Lynn Allen”. A sought-after public speaker with a unique comedic style, Lynn was the host of Autodesk University for over a decade and is always one of the highest rated presenters at the many worldwide Autodesk Universities. She is also the author of three technical books focused on Autodesk software. Lynn has been a global driving force in moving 2D CAD users to Digital Prototyping and BIM.

AutoCAD Layer tips and tricks

Did you know that the AutoCAD Layer Command is the 3rd most frequently used command in AutoCAD? That should come as no surprise since we are constantly switching from one current layer to another, or …

Shared Views in AutoCAD 2019

Though touted as a new feature in AutoCAD 2019 – Shared Views have actually been in AutoCAD for a couple of releases now.  Previously known as Design Views, they are a great way to share your dr…

One AutoCAD is here!

If it’s spring – then it must be time for another release of AutoCAD!  Officially referred to as AutoCAD 2019 (with a tagline of “One AutoCAD”), this release is not just an upgrade of new features – i…